"Important part of our business is a very good orientation in newly presented products, contacts within our field and last but not least, we need to have information and knowledge about entering new markets. In all these fields can IntMeDA help all members to achieve the best results which leads to growing their business" Jiří Pavlíček- Founder

Core IntMeDA values


Connecting high quality medical devices distributors with various portfolios across the world


To learn about different business prospective and strategies of other medical devices distributors


By giving members a chance to enlarge their portfolio of products, and help with new market entries

International Medical Device Association - IntMeDA. The Association, whose main objective is to link business activities, share product knowledge, help with market entry, help to accelerate trade, build positive value with global prosperity, and create value based networking with full respect for the rules of free competition.

Global players we represent in certain countries

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